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  • Dog Nutrition

    by Published on 18-06-13 10:00 PM
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    Oh how time passing can make such a change!

    Photo taken @ Dundalk Champ Show in July 2011 - really must get a more up to date photo!

    9 months ago we published an article Dr Brady's gRAW which has since had thousands of views!

    After the amount of interest in that article, and whats changed since, we felt compelled to do an update on things now.
    by Published on 27-09-12 04:20 PM
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    Dr Brady's gRW

    Introducing gRW. Fresh Meat for dogs.
    We don't do fancy wrappers. We don't do fancy ads and we don't do fancy shops. This means we dont do fancy prices.

    What we do is fancy dog food. Real food. 100% natural, 100% fresh and 100% Irish.

    Furthermore all our meat is human grade and ethically sourced so you know what your dog is eating.

    We have either whole Irish meats, or if it makes it easier we take that meat and put it through a grinder with rosemary and kelp. As such gRW product are crammed with all the essential nutrients, enzymes, pre and probiotics that cannot be found in processed, overpriced pellets.

    Chicken, whole pieces:
    Legs, thighs, wings, drums, necks, backs
    10/15kg boxes (fresh or frozen)
    1.60 per kg

    Fish, ground
    Salmon, mackeral, herring, tuna, sprat, white fish
    6kg, wax lined boxes, frozen: 2.10 per kg
    20kg slabs, trays, frozen: 1.60

    Coming soon:
    Chicken and Beef
    A vital addition to any meal, our lead product contains 85% fresh irish chicken and 15% beef organ (heart, liver, kidney), rosemary and kelp. The chubs are anaerobically sealed and fast frozen for maximum nutrient retention. This is power food. Ideal nutrition for growing or active dogs

    Atlantic Oily Fish:
    With 99% fresh, wild caught, oily fish, rosemary, and kelp, this high protein and low fat meat is suitable for all breeds. But boasting very high levels of omega 3 and almost 100% digestibility, oily fish is ideal for those dogs with allergy, recurring skin or gut conditions, less active dogs and fatties.

    Delivery 10. Minimum order 100kg ...
    by Published on 17-09-12 01:05 PM

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    Dogs Need Good Nutrition To Grow And Stay Healthy Are You Feeding Your Pet The Best?

    This is some information on a few different dog foods that my neighbours and I have been feeding to our pets in order to see what difference it makes. We have taken some natural dog foods that are made with real ingredients rather than processed foods. By doing this what we found is that our pets are getting better nutrients and instead of simply feeding them supplements they are able to get goodness from real food. Plus we have found that dog food made from natural products is actually more tasty and enjoyable for them to eat. Its like comparing a microwave spaghetti meal to a freshly cooked one. The meal with the natural ingredients is going to be a lot better for you and also tastier.

    Eukanuba probably sounds like a bit of a strange name but it does have a very comprehensive range of dog foods. They use a lot of natural ingredients and have an extremely wide selection of flavours. You can choose specially tailored meals that are suited to a particular breed, activity, size, or that have a nutritional value for a specific problem, like a poor coat. The range is extensive and from looking at reviews online and at our own dogs we have found that it is not only tasty but gives great nutritional value to your pet.

    Next we tried Naturdiet, the range is pretty good and they do have some very nice flavours for dogs. The company claims on their packaging that they have at least 65% meat in every pouch and this seems to be true after purchasing and feeding it to our dogs. They absolutely loved the different flavours and did not have a problem eating it every day.

    Arden grange dog food follows a veterinary diet and although we werent overly impressed with the range of flavours that they have, we did find that the nutritional value and the quality of the product was very good.
    Overall feeding your dog the best nutrition possible is going to bring more enjoyment in ownership than giving it low-cost supermarket brand foods. You will notice that your dog will look a lot healthier and is more responsive and energetic when you take them out. For us Eukanuba stood out as a strong brand of dog food and we will be buying more of this.

    Does anyone here have any experiences with these and any other dog foods and would like to share with us their results?
    by Published on 01-01-10 01:27 PM

    by: Derek Rogers

    Food is one of the most important necessities in your pets life. It provides the nutrients they need in order to grow and develop into mature animals as well as giving them the energy they need each day to enjoy life by your side. There is a vast array of manufacturers that provide food for all animals and it can be a confusing task to decipher all the ingredients, proteins and benefits of each one in order to choose the very best one for your pet. ...
    by Published on 06-11-08 12:43 AM

    If you're interested in feeding your dog on a raw diet, the best preparation you can do is to read about it first. When you are prepared, it will make the switch so much easier for both you and the dog.

    You should never give bones to your dog. Bones can kill your dog!!
    Right and wrong.
    You should never give cooked bones to your dog, but raw bones are good for your dog. ...