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  • Major Reworking of TopDog.ie

    If you're reading this then you've made it to the newest incarnation of TopDog.ie - so welcome!

    At barely over 18 months young, our website and forums can now boast some very healthy statistics. The message board now has over 700+ members, and is rapidly nearing the 200,000 post marker. The whole site is now averaging 1.8 million hits a month.

    Over the past number of weeks we have been busy working behind the scenes to bring you this - the new, vastly improved TopDog.ie.

    Some users may have suspected that something big was about to happen with the numerous mentions of working on stuff here and there, so congratulations - your suspicions were correct!

    The first major phase in the reworking was a change of hosting company to one more familiar with the software we use on here. With the numerous issues that were being reported in the past few weeks in relation to site speed and a considerable amount of site downtime, we knew that we really had to move. The site is getting more and more popular with the numbers rising daily, so our original hosting provider couldn't really cope with the increased demands the website was causing on their servers.

    Some users may have struggled to access the site for a number of days due to the propagation of the DNS servers. Sadly this part of the site move was completly out of our hands.

    What we do know is that already we have seen a significant increase in the site response speed, so it would appear that the move was a good one.

    The second major phase saw an investment made in the newest software available from. We've been using the older version of this software now for a number of years on various sites, so we are confident that it will be well able to cope with the big plans we have for the website. Its taken a good number of hours to get it close to our satisfaction, and we'll be fine-tuning it as we go along.

    Take your time having a look around - there's a lot to it.

    The third phase of the reworking will be an ongoing raft of changes and new features which we will be introducing as and when we've had the chance to thoroughly test them out first. The first of these improvements is a re-structuring of the Usergroups which you can read about in this article.

    Keep your eyes on the main page for further updates as more improvements are introduced.

    We'll add a guide to all the new features in the coming days, in the meantime please enjoy the new site.