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  • TopDog.ie Arcade Returns

    Back due to popular demand!

    We've now installed the latest version of the arcade software that we were using on the older site. Well, it was installed last night (some of you may have seen the link appear in the forum sub-menu) but it wasn't activated until we could do some further testing on it.

    We were using version 2.6.8 (I think) on the older TopDog.ie site and we've now upgraded that to 2.7.0+

    Being the very latest version available it should be pretty stable, but unfortunately there aren't many forums running the same software as us who've actually installed this version of the arcade (or any version for that matter) so while we expect it to be problem free we can't guarantee it. It has been installed on older versions of the forum software with no issues so hopefully it will be the same result on here.

    We've tested it as much as we can so if anyone comes across any issues or problems with it please let us know and we can pass it on to the software developers for them to take a look at.

    At the moment we've only installed 30 games, but we'll be adding to this over time so keep an eye on the Site News & Improvements section for any new additions

    Access is currently restricted to members in the Registered usergroup and above, and members must make 5 posts a day before being able to use it. These terms will be reviewed in the coming days and any update will be posted.