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  • Grooming Kit - Pin Brushes


    Pin Brush:

    There are two types really - ones with heads on the tops of the pins, and ones without heads on the tops of the pins.

    The photo above shows a pin brush without heads on the tops of the pins. That is a Plush Puppy brush and we find it very good for use on the Papillon coat as it does not break or tear the hair.

    Pin-heads can be metal or plastic depending on which brush you buy and how much you are willing to spend. The cheaper brushes usually come with the plastic heads and also don't have as much of an air cushion as the others.

    Pin brushes without heads are usually better as sometimes the hair can get caught under the heads and break off. This is particularly true for dogs with delicate coats such as the Papillon. A pin brush without heads is recommended for this breed. Pins on pin-brushes are not sharp so they don't need heads on them as protection for the dog.

    Below are close-ups of the pins of the brush without any heads on them:

    Plastic heads on a pin brush:

    Close up of the tops of the pins on the brush:

    You can also get combo-type brushes, with a mix of pins and bristles on the same brush, pins on one side and bristles on the other side. These are suitable if your dog is a pet and you are on a budget but not very suitable for a show coat. There are also combo-type brushes with a mix of pins and bristles on the same side. We have tested one of these and found them pretty useless with a short haired breed and the Papillon breed. Pins are often plastic and of no real use as they bend so don't go through the coat.

    Get the best brush you can which is within your budget. Regular grooming and brushing removes dead coat and skin and can help stimulate the skin to produce the natural oils that protect the dogs coat. Grooming also helps build the bond with your dog. Try make this a nice experience for both of you - choice of brush can also help here. If the dog is not hurt when being groomed, it will accept grooming a lot better than if it had been hurt previously during the grooming process.

    There are many makers of pin brushes, I've only touched on 3 here to give the basics.

    Obviously, items above have been used and as such the photos have shown up some hair.

    Images and text are copyright TopDog.ie and may not be reposted or otherwise used without prior permission.
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