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  • Grooming Kit - Slicker Brush

    Slicker Brush

    A slicker brush is another kind of brush - this one is made from very thin metal wire usually mounted on foam or rubber. These are available ranging from harder to softer brushes. Test on your forearm before purchase to feel how soft or hard the wire is and whether it may hurt the dog during grooming if it is too hard. Usually slickers are found in square or rectangular form but are also available in other shapes. Slickers work by pulling out dead hair, removing dead skin cells and stimulating the skin to produce natural oils.

    When using a slicker brush, brush in the direction of the hair growth and use gently. Don't use a slicker around the face and ears as this can cause scratches. While the metal wires that make up the brush move a little in their mount, its still not advisable to use in those areas.

    When using a slicker, start small and work up to a longer grooming session. Slickers give a very different sensation to other brushes and it may take time for your dog to get used to it.

    Slickers can also be used to help remove matts. When using it to remove a matt, it is important to go slow and start from the bottom of the matt, working your way up removing the dead hair and tangles. Always be gentle and take your time.

    Slickers are not suitable for use on a Papillon's delicate coat.

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