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  • Grooming Kit - Combs - Metal combs


    Metal Combs

    Like brushes, combs come in a wide range from small to large, with different spaces between the teeth. Combs are a handy item to have in your grooming kit as they can be used to remove dead hair, help remove tangles and can be used to unpick matts.

    Before buying a comb or combs, consider what you will be using it for.

    • Is it for general grooming?
    • To help unpick matts?
    • To search for fleas?
    • Is it easily cleaned?
    • What type of hair will it be used on?
    • Is it comfortable to hold for a long time?
    • What size will you need?
    • What length and spacing of teeth do you require?
    • Do you want a combination of coarse and fine on the same comb?
    • Do you want the comb to have an anti-static covering?
    • Will you want rotating teeth, to help untangle coats without pulling too much?

    Don't pick up a plastic comb for your dog unless the only comb you are getting is a flea comb. Metal and steel combs are the best to use. A good choice is a stainless steel comb with appropriate length teeth to suit your dogs coat. Look out for some combs which come with rotating teeth. These help remove tangles without pulling too much on the coat and hurting the dog. Think about comfort for you also. How does it feel in your hand? Could you hold it to groom your dog for quite some time without it causing an ache?

    Combs come in fine, medium or coarse spacing for teeth. Some have single options where all teeth are evenly spaced across.

    Others have a combination of extra fine-fine, fine-medium, medium-course, fine-course and so on.

    Below are some photos of the different spacing for teeth available on combs:

    When using a comb to unpick a matt, start from the end of the matt and using the tip of the teeth, work through the hair until you can run the comb through the bottom part. Move up the matt another little bit and use the comb again to work through it until you can run the comb down through the hair. Move up the matt in little sections, removing dead hair as you go. Never work from the top of the matt (closest to the skin) down as this can tear the hair and also pull the hair out hurting the dog. Never use a flea comb to remove matts, these should only be used to remove or search for fleas.

    If you find you are having problems with static while using a comb, you can get combs with anti-static properties to help with this.

    We have found that the cheaper comb (the first image in the article) does not introduce static to the coat, where as the others have.

    Combs should not be used on a Papillon's delicate coat as they can cause breakage and also split the hair. Make sure you buy the right type of comb for your breed's coat to prevent any damage.

    Again, these items have been used and tested therefore photo's will show some hair on them.

    Images and text are copyright TopDog.ie and may not be reposted or otherwise used without prior permission.
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