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  • Grooming Kit - Nail Clippers

    Nail Clippers

    There are two basic types of nail clippers for dogs - a guillotine style clippers and a scissors style clippers.

    The scissors style clippers have a bit taken out of one of the blades so you can position the nail easily for cutting. I am not a fan of these but it will come down to the dog and owner as to which type they prefer to use.

    We use a guillotine style clippers as we prefer these and find them the easiest to use. They also do not crush or damage the nail when cutting, which we found the scissors style clippers did. When using the guillotine style clippers, you put the nail in the hole, close the handles and the guillotine slices the nail. Always have the cutting side to you rather than the dog as there is risk of cutting through the quick (the live part of the nail) when cutting nails, so its better to have the slicing side facing you.

    A photo of guillotine style nail clippers.

    If your dog has hairy feet or toes and you find it difficult to hold back the hair while trying to clip the nails, use a pair of old tights. Put the dogs paw into the tights and push the nails out through the tights. The tights hold the hair back from the nail, and with the nail outside the tights, you can see what you are doing easily.

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