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  • Grooming Kit - Powder Set-Up

    Powder set-up

    Not a tool as such, but we find this handy.

    Powder has been put into a washed out small Nutella jar. This way, powder can be poured into the large lid which fits the powder-brushes we have. By pouring the powder into the lid, if the brush is damp and the powder gets damp or dirty in the lid, it can just be thrown away without affecting the rest of the powder in the jar and causing it to go lumpy.

    Powder brush resting in the lid full of powder, next to the jar of powder

    Riceflour, cornflour, talc and baby powder are cheap, but if you only carry a small bit with you to places like shows, you don't particularly want to be mushing out lumps that are in the powder you're trying to use to clean or dry the coat when you're pressured for time because your turn in the ring is coming up. This way, the powder in the jar stays dry and clean, ready for use.

    Recycling used jars is another benefit using this system.

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