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  • Grooming Kit - Tear & Face Stain Removers

    Stain Remover

    Some dogs tend to get some staining around the eyes and face. There's a range of products available for removing these stains, it will all depend on dog and owner as to which works the best for them.

    Just one of the many products available for removing stains

    Tear stains can be caused by a range of things such as excess tearing, blocked tear ducts, infected tear ducts, tear ducts which are too small (inherited genetically), health, diet, teething, ear problems and many more.

    When the hair on the face around the eyes gets wet from tears or around mouths from licking, bacteria and some yeasts can breed. The most common yeast infection is Red Yeast which leaves a dark brown stain on the coat which is hard to remove on white or light coloured dogs. You can minimise this problem by changing the pH of the tears or saliva, making the wet hair no longer a good environment for yeast along with consulting your vet for treatment.

    Feeding a good quality diet can help with tear staining, as well as adding Apple Cider Vinegar to water. If you are in an area where there are a lot of chemicals in the water, you can buy in bottled water for your dog to drink or use filtered water to help with this.

    Daily hygeine can help lessen the problem also. Keep the face as clean as possible around the area that is prone to staining as this can prevent yeast from building up and causing the stains.

    If an eye or ear infection is the cause, a vet visit for antibiotics can clear this up. If blocked tear ducts are the cause of tear staining, your vet can irrigate the ducts and free them up so the tears go back into the body instead of out onto the face and hair. Allergies are also another cause of tear staining, which can be investigated by your vet.

    We used tear stain remover products at different times. Some worked for us, some didn't (currently no photos of the other products used) but for now we are not using any products as tear stains are not much of a problem any longer now that teething has passed.

    Wiping the face and around the eyes daily with cooled boiled bottled water on make-up remover pads as part of a daily hygeine routine is the most we are doing for now.

    Make-up Pads & Cooled Boiled Bottled Water

    Optrex Eye Wash has been suggested to us for use with our Papillon's tear staining when she was teething, along with any contact lens or saline solution. We've been told these don't irritate the eyes and cause even more tears. We haven't tried these yet.

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