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  • NEW! Post Thanks Function!

    What is it?
    One of the biggest problems on many forums is 'posts boosting'. There are users who LOVE to say 'thanks' when ever they can. How can it hurt? Their post count goes up, they have nothing to loose.

    There are also users who really like to express their thanks to post but don't like posting a post that looks like they're post boosting.

    Then comes the moderators who have to delete people's thanks yous so a thread can look readable with out the thanks yous thrown around.

    Finally comes the posters of these useful posts. They have no idea how many people really likes their posts if only some people say 'thanks'.

    What this function does is fix ALL these problems - except those users who like post boosting. This places a button called 'thanks' under each post on the site.

    When a user clicks on it, it places his username in a box right under the post saying that so-and-so says 'thanks' for the post. Every-one who clicks is placed in one box. In turn, by thanking a post that you find useful, you are adding to a person's reputation on the site (see definition further down).

    When a person gives or recieves thanks it is automatically updated in the user information displayed with each post like shown below.

    Thanks - refers to the amount of thanks a user has given to other users
    Thanked X Times in X Posts - is pretty much self-explainatory.

    Each time a user has a post of theirs thanked it automatically adds to their user reputation also.

    What is reputation?
    Reputation is a way of rating users depending on the quality of their posts.

    Where can I find it?
    Its viewed as the number of green boxes above a users avatar. The higher their reputation, the more boxes are displayed.
    To give reputation to someone, you can click on the star at the bottom of each post.