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  • Grooming Kit - Grooming Chalks

    Grooming Chalks

    There are many different chalks available for grooming your dog. They come in blocks, powders, sticks, and sprays and are also available in different colours. These work in a similar way to the powder previously mentioned. They clean the coat and absorb excess moisture and oils that are on the coat. They are also used to brighten dull coats, cover stains such as urine stains and add body to the dogs coat. Chalks are sometimes used to improve grip when hand-stripping coats.

    There are also chalk helpers which are also referred to as chalk mates. These are cream type applications which help chalk stick to the coat. A small amount is applied to the palm of the hands and rubbed together, then the dogs coat is rubbed upwards to coat the hair in preparation for the chalk.

    The photo below shows some chalk sticks available on the market. These can help with precise application for covering stains or cleaning the coat in hard to reach areas like under the legs.

    The tip is moistened with a bit of water, and the chalk stick is rubbed over the coat where you need it.

    I've not really used these, I bought them to try them out. Application with the sticks is a breeze and massaging the chalk into the coat with a small brush or childs toothbrush can reduce the amount of chalk used.

    If using chalks to spruce up a show coat, it is advisable to remove the chalk from the dogs coat before your turn in the ring. There should be no loose chalk in the dogs coat that will rub off on the judge's hands or rub off on the clothing of people your dog brushes against. Brush it out of the coat thoroughly, and give a few gentle pats to loosen the chalk which isn't removed through brushing. Repeat the brushing and patting until there is no chalk left on the dogs coat.

    Using chalk to give extra grip while hand-stripping a coat is another use. The chalk will absorb any moisture on your own hands as well as the dogs coat while stripping. If you do not like to use chalk, finger sheaths from a medical kit can also improve grip.

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