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  • TopDog Custom Clothing Part II

    Back Due to popular demand

    Since we did up the first custom clothing order back in November, a good number of members have since been in contact with us asking us to please do another one - so here it is. This thread is for anyone to ask questions or simply state what they want. If they dont want to publicly state what they want, PM or through Paypal is fine.

    Of course, if more people get in on the ordering then it will reduce the unit prices, but until we can tally the orders we can't really do anything about that.


    To make things run as smoothly as we can, we're going to ask those who are buying to send money through PayPal. This way its easier to keep a record of those who have paid, what they want, and the sizes they want too. Be sure to include the product and size info in the note field so we don't have to keep pm'ing/emailing people to get the full order info.

    For those who simply don't have access to PayPal, please pm me and we'll try make alternative arrangements.


    We're going to leave this ordering opportunity open untill Friday April 16th. Thats 3 and a half weeks so no-one can complain that they weren't given plenty of time.

    So, now thats out of the way, here are the options available to members.

    I've added a poll above for people to tick what they're interested in to see if we can offer the discount rates or not before collecting money.

    Please do not vote unless you're intending on buying! To do so will only causes hassle for other members if we collect for the discount rate, and then discover that we have to go back to people for the extra few Euro because someone else has decided to pull out of the purchase.

    Will leave it till Monday to post payment details so for now could people please choose the items they're interested in, and post if there's something you'd like that I haven't listed with a price or image.

    Please Note

    Any white marks showing on the clothing around the embroidery in the images below comes out after washing. Its just from holding the clothing taut while the embroidery was being done. You can see that there's no white marks showing on the hoodie's as modelled by Jen & Rascalini for example

    Edited to add - we're not making any money out of this. The prices quoted are as we've been quoted by the supplier and using XE.COM/UCC for current currency conversions.